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Partners in Crime

Shot as an experiment inspired by the BBC's Scott and Bailey, Chris Campbell and I did some work with Director Varya Rootwood on a short script to answer the question, how come we rarely see corrupt female detectives in TV and film? This might be the beginning of that story: what happens when two well meaning detectives who take pride in their work, decide to cover the truth- how does that one decision change and ultimately unravel the course of their lives? These clips reflect the start of that journey, and we hope to develop this more.

Please enjoy, we had a blast making them way back in May, and each of us pulled clips that focus on our own work to share! (Shot by the amazing DP Yura Makarov, clips edited by the talented Chris Harral, & AD'd by the great Alyson Schacherer.)

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

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